• Senior Consultant, Data Analytics & Customer Success

    February 2022 — Today
    • Worked with global teams to align to a consistent approach to reporting/analysis and share knowledge and ideas for further advancing Talent Analytics platform.
    • Conducted User Research and translated insights into product recommendations and roadmap for high growth organization contributing to 30% increase in ARR.
    • Leveraged expertise and knowledge of People Analytics to consult and drive business success for multi-million dollar organizations.
  • People Analytics Manager @ The Trade Desk

    June 2021 — February 2022
    • Developed end-to-end machine learning prototypes and scaled them to run in production environments. Reduced attrition by 3%.
    • Distilled complex analytical results into presentable, digestible, and actionable recommendations and insights for executive level decisions contributing to reduction in time to insight and driving powerful business decisions.
  • Data Scientist, People Analytics @ WeWork

    October 2020 — June 2021
    • Worked closely with Executive level partners and cross-functional leaders to help develop core metrics and create 10+ Tableau dashboards to track and understand people data across headcount, attrition, talent, and engagement.
    • Implemented data ingestion and transformation pipelines to reduce time to insight for talent analytics by 90%
    • Acted as a strategic partner to multiple departments to create surveys, perform ad hoc analysis, and provide actionable recommendations to drive decisions increasing average eNPS by 10%.

    Data Analyst, Learning and Development

    January 2020 — October 2020
    • Prototyped, designed, and led analytics projects to completion using bespoke dashboarding and stakeholder consultation, allowing in-depth analysis of learning metrics.
    • Designed and implemented data-based onboarding changes that improved learner satisfaction by over 30%.

    Business Partner, Learning and Development

    January 2020 — October 2020
    • Utilized exploratory data analysis techniques to identify patterns, relationships, and trends in learner success, satisfaction, and skills development. Derived actionable insights from massive data sets with minimal support.
    • Served as the primary contact for over 50 stakeholders across Texas, Colorado, California, and Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico for several projects designed to test hypotheses and design learning solutions.
  • Intelligence Specialist @ US Navy Reserves

    December 2011 — January 2018
    • Performed highly detailed intelligence and analyst work on a national, leading to successfully completing numerous military operations.
  • Signal Intelligence Operator @ US Special Operations Command

    September 2014 — November 2015
    • Evaluated and interpreted Signal Intelligence and used the information to inform, explain, and analyze enemy patterns.